Tuesday, August 10, 2010

More Car stuff

Pretty much what sold me on my car is that it can A)get me from point A to point B, B)it had an ipod connection and C)I could work the radio from the steering wheel. Normally I could care less about working the radio from the steering wheel but anytime I drive in a car that has that option on the steering wheel I can't help but change the channel five hundred times and I like that. And, you can stealthily raise and lower the volume when someone else is in the car. It's especially useful in my car now since the volume control might as well be next to the passenger side door. I realize it was initially designed as a safety feature so the driver wouldn't have to take their eyes off the road fiddling with radio, but in my short experience using the controls on the steering wheel, I've noticed I always insist on continuing to change the station while I am in the act of turning. Doubly dangerous. Meanwhile my other hand is turning the wheel on the ipod since the steering controls don't work for the ipod.

1 comment:

  1. I'm always hitting the mute button or changing from fm to am when I make sharp turns...pain in the ass.