Friday, July 15, 2011


So I leave for Spain Monday and haven't really started to think about what I'll pack. Not really too worried about it, I mean I figure I'll just wear the same thing pretty much every day. Maybe a few changes of underwear and that's it. I just started thinking about all the stupid regulations for carry on stuff. I was planning on bringing a bottle or two of California wine to my host family there but realized I couldn't do that if I was going to just do a carry-on. Now I have to think about small sized toothpaste and stuff like that which is annoying. But I was thinking how great it would be to get a couple of drinks in me while I'm on the plane. But I don't really want to pay ten bucks for one of those little bottles of Sutter Home you know? You think I could get away with those little shot bottles of whiskey? Like six of em'? Under three ounces? check! In a plastic bag? Check! If not, I think I could just drink them all right on the spot right? And then pass out in the terminal and miss my flight altogether.

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