Sunday, July 3, 2011


When a friend tells you he just got an invite to go to a house party at the shore and it's all girls at the house, it's never all girls at the house. It's too good to be true is what it is. Everyone knows that when a friend says there are going to be tons of girls at a party that's never going to be the case. Once that word is out, it's too late. Every one of those girls guy friends already got the word and invited at least three of their guy friends. It makes me wonder if that's how girls work. Do they tell their guy friends that they are having a party with a ton of girls just to get guys to come out and thus kill the vibe of the party? That never works in the opposite way. I could never tell a girl friend that I was having a gigantic sausage party and therefore they should come over and invite all their girl friends. Just doesn't work. It leads me to believe that all parties somehow turn into sausage parties. Unless its a dinner party with couples. Kinda makes me want to have a dinner party with couples and make sausages just for the hell of it.