Thursday, July 7, 2011


Along the same lines as yesterday's post, I was thinking about skateboards recently. I saw a guy in the city yesterday; probably about my age riding a skateboard. I think my generation grew up at the height of skateboard popularity. Early nineties everyone had to have a skateboard. And then you finally got one and realized it wasn't really all it was cracked up to be; kinda hard to ride, wasn't easy to do any of the cool tricks, and the ride wasn't as smooth as you would have wanted it to be. Not to mention it tires out each leg individually quickly. But as a kid, you could ride it to your friends house or maybe to the pool which was fine. As an adult, you can't really ride it anywhere. I guess I should rephrase that; You can't ride it anywhere that a respectable adult would go. Can't ride it to work. Can't ride it to a bar. Can't ride it to a store. You gotta lug it around, watch it, make sure no one trips over it. And those long skateboards... no better. The only real cool place to skateboard is in your driveway. Credibility as an adult goes out the window with a skateboard. Let's keep it with the kids.


  1. When I was in LA a few months ago visiting a friend, I made a beer run to the corner bodega on a skateboard. I loved it and felt cool as shit! If I had a board in NYC, I'd definitely make trips like that on a board.

  2. you would.. but let me just say, you probably looked like a giant tool. not gonna lie.