Thursday, June 16, 2011

Apps and the future

The weather has been pretty beautiful the last few days. It's been the first few nights in a long time that I haven't been sweating my ass off at my house. It got me thinking about the weather. I was thinking that if it were possible to predict the weather in the future, like years out.. Like not a five day forecast, but we're talking the 40 year forecast. I was wondering if it would be cool or be terrible. Kinda like being able to know how and where you are going to die I guess. Would it be a good thing to know or a bad thing. I guess I was thinking that part of what makes life worth living is not knowing what the future holds, and I think the weather has a bigger effect on our overall happiness than we think. I think 5 days is all the weather future we can really handle. More than that, we don't really want to know. But if we were able to say, "okay, August 20th, 2020 is going to be a gorgeous day, let's have a picnic" would we plan things way far out like that? I mean you damn well know though if the iphone had an app for predicting the weather that far in advance you'd have those iphone a-holes always checking the weather. "Oo ooo, yeah lets do it august 20th 2020 it's going to be sooo beautiful.. wait let me see what its like on the same date 2019...Ooo record temperature!" I'm glad we can't do that yet.

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