Friday, June 3, 2011


I went to a meeting the other day for work. It was a pretty casual meeting, just me, the boss, and 3 other people working on the project with us. We're sitting around a table in this guy's office talking about the project, and another guy comes into the meeting. "pull up a chair Joe..." and he pulls out the chair, and turns it around and sits on it backwards...Joey Lawrence style. It was just weird to me. I haven't seen anyone do that in a long time and the fact that the guy was like 50 who did it made it even more weird. Actually what made it even more weird besides the fact that it was at a legitimate work meeting, the chair was actually facing the normal way and he spun it around.

Also, I am amazed that I actually found a picture of Joey Lawrence sitting that way.

Also, I am surprised that I even remembered who Joey Lawrence was let alone knew that he sat backwards on chairs.

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  1. that's bizarre.. who sit's like that? too funny.