Friday, June 24, 2011

Gym Comfort

I post a lot about gyms. It might seem like I am a gym rat, but I am far from it. But, as a designer, I think a lot about how things work. What works, what doesn't, how things affect people, what makes people use things the way they do. It runs subconsciously through my mind in everything I do probably. Lately I've really been noticing how comfortable gym equipment is. Not how comfortable it is while actually using it for its intended purpose, I'm no orthopedist so I couldn't tell you if was really moving the right way for building muscle or anything. But I have noticed that the gym seats are really quite comfortable. They either have you leaning forward on a pad, reclining back at just the right angle, suspending your legs in a relaxed dangling position, or perfectly cramping your body between multiple pads. Between sets, I sit there thinking "I could so fall asleep right now."

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