Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Been Busy lately.

The heading is sort of a lie. I've been so bored lately that the only solace I have found for myself is in sketching. It's really pretty therapeutic. I've been setting aside time each day to hopefully draw something worth drawing. It goes back to me trying to reteach myself how to draw. It helps that I haven't had a drink in 3 days. Here are some that I have done lately... all within a few blocks from my office or from around my house.

Letto Deli on 13th (kinda messed this one up from the very beginning)

Juniper and Chestnut Streets

Woolworth Building in Collingswood

view toward PSFS building from midblock on 12th and Walnut (one of my favorite views in the city.

inside the irish pub...

Martin's cleaners

Collingswood Municipal Building

22 Lincoln Ave...from my porch looking toward everyone elses porch

9 Lincoln Ave... from my front porch

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  1. very nice! and the view from mid-block on 12th is one you can have every time you get your hair cut :)
    when's the next show? and when are we gonna have one at Luna? let's figure that out - you should try to have stuff up in time for hope cuts in September.