Saturday, June 18, 2011


No, not dating anyone...surprise surprise. But I was talking to a friend recently who is dating someone pretty seriously. He was talking about the usual trials and tribulations of dating; who stays over who's house, how many nights a week is too many nights a week, who's got clothes over who's house, toothbrushes, dinners etc. And it came down to the girl he's dating being cranky that she can't sleep at his house. It's the bed, or the pillow, or that it's too hot, or they aren't used to sleeping on the left side, or they just can't get comfortable, whatever it is. It's funny because I think this happens both ways in every relationship. But it sucks because you just feel responsible for their misery all day. You think, my house sucks, my bed is no good, the pillow is too soft, I shouldn't have put my arm around her at 3am. It'll be four in the afternoon and you will still feel responsible about the bad sleep she got that night. It hangs over you and makes you miserable. Not to mention your own shoulder is still killing you from sleeping on it weird.

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