Monday, June 27, 2011

Train incident

Not sure how many of you commute to work on a train, but I've seen a growing problem recently with people thinking it's okay to play their music out loud through their smartphone speakers. Granted, it's not very loud, but it's loud enough to be pretty annoying. Anyway, the train was delayed this morning rendering it more crowded than usual. Actually, it was packed. This dude was maybe three seats away from me listening to his music out loud through his phone. He was probably in his mid to late 20s. So this woman probably in her mid 50s says "Who is listening to their music out loud?! Listening to music out loud is not permitted on the train!" Of course the dude doesn't acknowledge her or turn off his music. The woman is sitting behind the guy who's playing his music out loud. I'm thinking, "woman, you are stupid. You have no idea what you just opened yourself up to." A few minutes later, the dude gets up and gets in this poor woman's face and is like "what the F*#% you gotta be kickin' my seat like that?! I don't need this bull&@#$ this early in the morning!" Poor woman was kinda duckin for cover as it looked like this dude was about to punch her, but she wasn't really backing down. Gotta give her some credit. Luckily there was a guy about my age and another dude sitting right near the woman and they both got up and protected her a little and told the dude to relax and kinda restrained him... It was great to see that there are still some stand up guys my age out there. I'm sure I would have done the same thing had I been closer.
But I was thinking afterward, that the one guy who jumped up to protect this woman had his ipod headphones on when he confronted the guy. First thing I thought was that Dave Chappelle skit "nobody wants to get their ass beat to a soundtrack" but then I wondered if he thought he sounded like an idiot. I know when I am the gym and someone asks me if I am done with some equipment and I have my headphones in and I try to respond it always sounds like nothing or incoherent jibberish is coming out. It sounds like when a deaf person tries to speak. I feel bad saying that but you know what I mean right?

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