Monday, June 20, 2011

Wife Beaters

Not sure if I posted a picture of this years work softball uniforms which I was the mastermind behind but, I was thinking about having my work softball team wear tank tops as their uniform next year. (My dream is still to have our softball team wear those long beach shirts with a womans body in a bikini drawn on them) I think it would be hilarious though if we wore wifebeaters because none of us are in good enough shape to look good in them. It'd be pasty, undefined white dudes showing off their non-existent "guns" and hopefully their tubby stomachs. I'm picturing Dangle from Reno 911.

It just made me wonder when the tank top became known as a wife beater. It's like the hooded sweatshirt becoming a hoodie. It just kinda happened overnight it seems. It's a shame that a tank top turned into a degrading fashion name. And to think we probably all have a black and white picture somewhere of our grandfathers in their white tank top undershirts doing yard work. But I was thinking that women need to come up with a derogatory term for an article of womens clothing. Like the husband leaver or something. The affair skirt? I don't know what those would look like but I'd love to find out.

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